Girls Guide


Girls Guide society has started in the college in 2008. The purpose of girls guide is to train the girls make them skilled, motivate them to serve volunterily and learn them to fight bravely in the difficult circumstances. 40 students in december 2008 and 65 in march 2011 were enrolled as senior guides in this society. The proper inauguration of the  office of girls guide had done in march 2011 in this college. one among these senior guides had served in neighbouring country India and the other in Bangladesh and represented Pakistan, Azad Kashmir and their college. the activities of girls guide has started from the official inauguration in this college. its importance is increasing day by day by the new enrollments every year. new students can become sucessful and responsible citizens by taking part in the girls guide. The members are:

Professor Afshan Anjum Naqvi (Principal)

Ms. Ismat Fatima